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Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram ....the list goes on

Which Social Media platforms should you use?

  • How often?
  • What content?
  • Who manages Social Media for you?
  • Google +  -  does it really matter? 

All the above we get asked regularly.  With the explosion of Social Media and its integral relationship with SEO, it can become overwhelming.

Get it right and Social Media can be one of the best online marketing tools you use.  Every business is different which is why we again firstly sit down and listen to you about your business and your goals.

Social Media is in essence word of mouth communication, it is groups of people coming together to communicate with your business.  But you need to listen to what they are talking about and then engage. People will not automatically want to know about everything you have to say about your business, you need to give them a reason to “like”, “follow” and want to keep in touch.  You can use Social Media to inform, promote, reassure but most importantly ENGAGE.

Here at Finesse Digital Marketing we can you help you at any level; you may want us to brand and design a Facebook page, increase Twitter followers, train staff, or fully manage your Social Media strategy. As well as the benefits of offering scope for increased engagement with your customers and by association great direct opportunities for brand management and enhancement and improving your promotions, sales and customer service, Social Media also offers excellent SEO benefits, so it pays to get it right!