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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is all about tailoring your site to maximise its rankings on the search engines organically. Unlike cost per click ads you cannot “buy” your way to the top. 

It is important for any business to get their website found and SEO ensures that customers will find you.  However SEO changes daily, as the digital world grows, so do the rules which any business needs to adhere to, to get to the top of any search engine.  SEO is a long term marketing strategy, a careful, organic, content approach is what we recommend.  There are lots of techie, geeky aspects to SEO and then there are more straight forward common sense marketing practices that need to be applied.  Here at Finesse Digital Marketing we specialise in implementing links, content, on page SEO to your website and we ensure that social media and competition analysis form a big part of your SEO campaign.

We not only optimise your site but we analyse the keywords that customers are using, there is no point coming top of Google for “digital marketing agency in East Yorkshire that also specialises in making pies” if no-one is searching for that term!

SEO is an ongoing (some might say never-ending) process. We take care of all the initial elements, and also help you put a realistic plan in place that takes account of your available time and resources so that you can progressively increase the reach and impact of your site.