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Pay Per Click

Online campaign advertising

Google Ad Words or pay per click, buying your way to the top of Google for a certain keyword or phrase, or pay per click on Facebook. You can set your location, set a budget, specify which type of device you want to appear on, the flexibility is endless resulting in a tailor made campaign for your company. Getting to the top of Google is great for increasing traffic to your website, however doing it organically takes times, and so per pay click is an excellent way to buy traffic quickly. New Google advertisers are eligible for a free vouchers to get you started. Facebook paid for marketing is similar but you can drill down the demographics much more efficiently. We can run and improve an existing campaign or set up a new pay per click strategy. We will monitor and tweak the campaign throughout to ensure you are getting the best return on investment. We also will provide a detailed report at the end of the campaign to you can how the campaign works for your business.