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Mobiles are always "on" and we are always "on" them

Apparently we spend more time on our mobile phones than we do with our partner..............Brits spend more time on the Internet on their phones than texting or calling, so you have to ensure your mobile strategy is right.  Another strategy?!  Don’t worry we can help.  There are 2 prongs of attack with mobile; responsive design and standalone mobile sites, which is right? At Finesse Digital Marketing we think both, it depends on the business.  If you have a simple navigation on your desktop site you may choose responsive design. However, if you do not want to compromise the content and complexity of your desktop site, you will need a standalone site. 

Whether that is simply a version of your Web Site that is optimised for mobile usage, a different, dedicated mobile version of your site, a Mobile Commerce channel, or even an App to offer additional benefits, features and functionality, we will analyse your business case, recommend or respond accordingly and work with you to achieve these aims.